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Dubai Traffic Fines that Expats Should Know About

Traffic rules are formulated to keep you and your loved ones safe and protected from disastrous accidents. Every country has its own traffic rules that every member, either as a tourist or citizen, must follow them. No matter if you own a car or have rented a car from a well-known company, which proposes compelling rent a car offers in Dubai, you are obliged to follow all the traffic rules while driving. If you break a traffic rule, then the driver is asked to pay a hefty fine as a penalty. Thus, it is better to follow simple traffic rules, as listed below, then paying heavy charges.

Do Not Drink & Drive

It is strictly prohibited in Dubai to drive in an intoxicated stage. If caught by the police then the matter is taken to the court, where the higher authorities decide the punishment for the driver for doing such an act. Moreover, the police will confiscate your vehicle for 60 days.

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Drive Within the Speed Limit

You must not obey the rule only because authorities have set it but it is very crucial for your own safety. On narrow roads, drivers are advised to stay within the limit of 30-40 km/h. While on the heavy roads like a highway, the driver can cruise the vehicle under the speed of 60 km/h. However, if the driver crosses the fixed speed limit, then the driver is charged a primary fine of 3000AED along with 23 black points on license. The vehicle is also seized by the police for 30 days.

Do Not Cause Traffic Blocks

Due to any reason, if a driver is seen blocking the traffic he would be asked to pay 1000 AED as a penalty and 6 black points would be added to his license. Even pedestrians are given so much importance that if driver hurdles the path of pedestrian they have to pay the amount of 400 AED to the police.

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Clear and Visible Number Plates

The number plate helps to distinguish the car of the same model and identical color from one and other. However, if a car is spotted without a number plate not only the driver ought to pay a fine of 3000 AED, but 23 black points are also included in his license.

Do Not Jump Signals

A red signal indicates the driver to stop the car, but if a driver is caught jumping a red signal then the police charge the drive to pay the amount of 1000 AED and enter 12 black points in the driver's license. The punishment does not end here, the police impound the car for 30 days.