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How to maintain a good eye health?

Eye health is very important yet crucial to maintain because of environmental pollution. Dubai is a great platform for businesses and industries that also make it exposed to dangerous pollution threats. While the local residents in Dubai are well aware of how to take care of their eye health and prevent damage and infections, the tourists have to be educated about it. The harmful effects of the deserted land in the form of sand and dust storms sometimes lead to severe kind of eye infections. Discharge, allergy, irritation, and blurry vision are some of the common complaints registered by the patients to the eye care hospital.

This is why it has become necessary to let everyone know about simple and accessible hacks that can be used for the protection of their eye. Below are mentioned some of the tips to keep the eye health safe by protecting from dust, sand, and sunrays.

  1. Wear sunglasses on a regular basis to not let anything directly get into the eyes.
  2. Try a hat if you’re comfortable with it as it saves from the damaging sun rays.
  3. Make sure to stay away from the place where even a single person has some sort of eye infection as it easily spreads in the environment.
  4. Keep visiting the eye specialist from regular intervals to remain well informed about your current eye condition and if there is a need for treatment/pills etc.

Keep visiting the eye specialist

  1. Eat well. The powerful effects of healthy food such as green vegetables, dry fruits, and fresh fruits help the eyes in remaining in a good shape throughout the year.
  2. Wear an eye protection tool while using drill machine and hammer etc.
  3. Keep the blood sugar and cholesterol levels in control as it is one of the major causes of damaged eyesight.
  4. Reduce the screen time as it causes eye strain and makes the eyes tired. It might also result in a headache or sometimes migraine.
  5. Do not read or work in a dim light as it increases the pressure on the eyes that is an alarming condition.

How to get the best eye care services?

The following points must be kept in mind while obtaining the eye care services in Dubai for quality assurance.

  • The hospital management should have a sufficient experience of running an organization. This helps in understanding the importance of providing excellent services without compromising on quality.
  • The specialists hired by the hospital should all be highly skilled because the eye care services have to be competent enough to survive in the well-established healthcare industry.

Eye health

  • Individual attention must be given to each patient.
  • The treatments and surgeries should also be according to the client’s demands by also keeping in mind allergic reactions etc.
  • The equipment used in the hospital should be highly efficient and technically updated.

The eye care hospital must provide a variety of services related to the genre instead of focusing on the regular checkup and infections etc.

Source: quironsalud.ae