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Nail Salon Establishments

Best nail salon DubaiNail salons are often also referred to as nail spas, signifying the range of extra beauty services available at the parlor.

Although these places also provide a number of other enhancements and maintenance routines, the major focus is on the maintenance and beautification of the hands and feet, especially the nails.

Other Salon Services

The more well-known services naturally fall under the umbrella of the manicure, pedicure, or nail enhancement.

This can include many luxury additions pertaining to adding a decorative aspect to the hands and feet, such as artificial nails and fixtures, and high-end cleaning and beautifying methods that can add softness and relaxation.

While often referred to as nail salons because of the marketing aspect, several of these are in fact full-service establishments, also providing facial care in the form of steaming and exfoliation, massages, and regular maintenance services such as threading and waxing.

Certification And Care

A number of circumstances within the nail salon often requires for the staff to be properly trained or have acquired a certificate in certain procedures before they are hired.

This includes how to keep the place safe from chemicals, and how to carry out procedures without harming the concerned parts of the body.

Nail Salon Safety

The use of the several chemicals in use at a nail spa can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken by the staff. Usually, the substances are harmless, but prolonged exposure can cause certain skin irritations.

Nail Salon EstablishmentsFumes

The foremost is the exposure to fumes owing the use of synthetic nails. Most of the liquids used while the nails are attached and worked on include ethyl compounds, and can potentially cause dermatitis and common allergies.


One of the most common and indeed popular nail treatments is the attachment of acrylic nails, which have been said to be receptive to flames.

As such, it is recommended that they be prevented from coming into direct contact with fire sources, or strong heat appliances such as irons and dryers.

Nail Attachment

While usually safe and often used, taken off and reapplied, the repeated use of synthetic nails and lack of care during cleaning and attachment may lead to an infection, often between the real and attached nails.

Further, if applied improperly, an artificial nail can scratch into the nail bed area, affecting the healthy growth of the natural nail.

While highly sought-after for the glamor and beautification aspect that can set women apart owing simply to a nail procedure, the use of disreputable establishments which are likely to use low quality materials is bound to affect nail and hand health.

Investing in guidance from the best nail salon Dubai will not only make sure the procedures you get done are safe and skin friendly, but also give you the freedom and luxury you were looking forward to with your high-end nail treatment.

Source: thenailspa.com