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The different types of wedding invitation cards

Here are a few examples of the different types of cards that you can choose from for your wedding invitations:

  1. VIP invitations DubaiHammer Card

    This is a textured card, made to look as if a hammer has struck it repeatedly to give it an undulated effect. The card usually comes in a thickness of 300 gsm and is one of the most popular choices for wedding cards. They also blend well with a large variety of designs.

  2. Glossy card

    This is the perfect choice of card if you are looking to get a highly detailed graphic design printed on your wedding card. The image quality will come out best on its glossy surface, giving the card as a whole a very brochure-like look. This is the correct choice of card if you are going for the shimmery, glamorous look for your wedding invite.

  3. Gloss lustre

    The gloss lustre card is similar to the glossy card in appearance. Only, the lustre card gravitates towards pigment to give the finished product a fantastic image quality. The enhanced layering technique gives the finished card a vibrant feel and traditional finish. While the gloss card reflects the light falling on it like a photograph, the lustre card gives off a gleaming, shimmer like vibe to give it a mark of elegance.

  4. Colorlines WeddingLinen card

    The linen card should be used when you are going for a formal wedding ceremony because it usually lends a traditional feel to the card. The material of the card has weaving lines running through it, which give it its unique texture. It is perfect for invitation designs that have old-fashioned paper style backgrounds.

  5. Smooth Matte

    The smooth matte textured card is not the best choice for printing sharp designs. However, if you want to keep your invite absolutely simple, then this should be the card type for you.

  6. Pearlescent card

    This is the exact opposite of the smooth matte cards. The pearlescent card is meant to give your invite an expensive look with its shimmer and shine. It has a high-quality look, feel and style because of its glowing surface. This is a perfect choice to make your wedding invites stand out, and provide your vip invitations dubai with a first-class impression