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Top restaurants in Dubai

Dining in DubaiThere is no denying the fact that Dubai has some of the most exquisite places when it comes to eatery hangouts. There are lots of options with each restaurant offering its own unique cuisine. If you are in town and looking for the best restaurant for dining in Dubai, the following places are the top choices.

Treehouse Dubai

Treehouse recognizes the needs of stylish individuals who are looking for a unique dinner environment with the best continental dishes. This self-indulgent terrace lounge is situated behind Burj Khalifa, providing you a perfect view while you enjoy your favorite meals. There is a resident DJ that is always available to give you the best tunes as you settle in for your dinner. Overall, Treehouse Dubai is a great place to be if you want to enjoy a casual dinner.

Andreea’s restaurant

Andreea’s restaurant is situated a mile from the famous Habtoor grand resort. The location of the restaurant provides a great viewing pleasure while you enjoy your favorite continental dishes. It is not just a restaurant, but a place where you can relax with their expanded new swimming pool.

DubaidayWhen it comes to food options, there are a plethora of beverages, handcrafted signature pizzas, and other mouth-watering dishes to choose from. The place is certainly the ideal place to be if you want somewhere to relax and enjoy a well-prepared meal. The good news is, the restaurant operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. This means that you will get served immediately anytime of the day you visit.

Observatory Bar and Grill

This is a very common place to give your loved one a special treat. The serene environment coupled with their exquisite cuisines makes it an obvious choice for many couples. It has everything you need in a restaurant - nice beverages, great food, and exceptional services. The location of the restaurant is also another icing on the cake. It gives you all round panoramic view as it saddles between Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

You have a lot of options for international and continental cuisines. Moreover, their exceptional service delivery makes them one of the best in Dubai. If you want to get entertained, refreshed, and nourished, Observatory Bar and Grill is certainly the best place to be.

Gaucho DIFC

This is the headquarters of southern American styled cuisines. It provides exclusive dining areas for those who want to enjoy a romantic evening. Whether you want to have a cocktail party or have a romantic dinner with your loved one, this special eatery place provides the right cuisine and environment for you.

Source: www.dubaiday.com