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What is the health requirement for Mini Tummy Tuck surgery?

Mini tummy tuck surgeryFor those who are concerned about the appearance of their lower abdomen, a mini tummy tuck can help them fix their concerns. If you are considering a mini tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi, here are some important information you need to have.

Ideal candidates for mini tummy tuck

Not everyone is considered safe enough to undergo this surgery. It is considered safe for only those who have a stable weight with no excessive levels of abdominal skin. It is ideal for those who have only protruding lower belly or loose skin.

It should not be seen as a substitute for healthy exercise program or weight loss. Those who are trying to get pregnant or planning considerable weight loss should consider postponing mini tummy tuck surgery.

What is the nature of the surgery?

To access your risk factors, you need to have an idea of how they perform the mini tummy tuck surgery.

In this type of surgery, the incision is smaller than the traditional tummy tuck surgery. Here, the surgeon makes a short incision where the belly button floats to a different position without any need to make another incision for the belly button. It is usually carried out under general anesthesia. The patients will be asleep throughout the surgery process.

What is the surgery period and recovery time for surgery?

Risky is the surgeryGenerally, mini tummy tuck can take up to 3 hours for the entire process. There may be other related procedures the surgeon may perform along with this surgery. This includes breast augmentation and liposuction. Obviously, the entire surgery will take more time if the patient is undergoing a combination of these surgery procedures.

After surgery, it’s common for patients to experience bruising, swelling, some soreness, and little changes in sensation. This is absolutely normal. Also, you may be asked to wear fitted cloth to help your lower abdomen health properly. It takes about 2 weeks after surgery to return to work. But you won’t be able to perform strenuous activities like exercise for until after 1 month of surgery. This is to enable you heal completely.

How risky is the surgery?

Deciding to have a mini rummy tuck is a personal decision. You need to know whether the risk is worth it, compared to the goal you want. There are some risks involved with this surgery. But the extent of risk largely depends on the competence of the surgeon and the health state of the patient before the surgery.

Generally, risks associated with mini tummy tuck include fat necrosis, skin discoloration, blood cloths, would healing problem, infection, bleeding, unfavorable scarring, and the position of your belly button.