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Training eyelash & brow extensions in UAE

We strive to offer high-quality services in all aspects of extensions business. With certified accredited training, technical hotline and a perfect order and shipping company, your technical needs and businesses are satisfied, professionally and promptly. With marketing material support nationwide through public relations campaign, and services to find the perfect lounge, also focusing on driving customers to business.

Our treatment is extremely affordable. You can get services at low product prices and the cost of the minimum for basic set of extensions requiring 90-120 work minutes and half-series of extensions requiring 45-60 minutes with excellent performance guaranteed.


Beauty Extend is a registered trademark and was founded by industry experts from a wide range of experiences and knowledge. Our team perfectly and constantly supplying the highest standards of customer service, quality, and training.

Training eyelash & brow extensions in Dubai

Professional Eyelash/brow and Hair Extensions Dealers

Beauty Extend has developed a range of style, you need to have branded retail products that contain oil-free mascara, Finishing Glaze and remover of make-up for the eyes. Our retail offer increased profit margins and increased retail sales after processing. Regular seasonal and special promotions are also offered throughout the year, including regular e-mail promotions to customers.

  • Making International Presence For Years

Beauty Extend Design Company is proud to have a strong international position on all of our brands.

However, we are always interested in talking to anyone who is considering distribution in areas where they are not represented. We are looking for people from companies that have already set up a network of the cosmetics industry and are able to facilitate the provision of training as well as sales of products to qualified specialists. We provide technical and marketing support for our dealers, but you should expect that everyone we work with demonstrates a passion for our brands and understands how important it is to maintain our high standards of integrity and quality.

For details about our international department or distributor, contact us.

  • Marketing & Technical Support For Everyone

We offer a full range of in-house marketing materials designed by a marketing and design team. Our material can be bought from an online shop, they are designed to manage your growing business of eyelash/brow extension. Images can also be downloaded from the website for reproduction - This unique service is only available to customers with Beauty Extend Account.

Beauty Extend has an experienced team headquarters, which is available to provide useful answers to any technical questions. It offers advice on everything from extensions to individual products and ingredients and provide full technical service and can advise on marketing your business too.