Eyelash Extension –History

The history of eyelash extensionMuch of fashion and contemporary style has a long and interesting history. Makeup, hair care, cosmetics and improvements date back centuries and have been part of human society much longer than most people think. The Eyelash Extension is particularly interesting and goes further than most assume.

History of Eyelash Extensions

The 1800s

The idea of ​​eyelash lengthening to improve the way of an appearance is nothing new. While no technology has yet been developed to make it at the time, many books and publications on fashion in the late 19th century informed how to lengthen eyelashes. At the time good practices involved cutting the ends off eyelashes to encourage more growth. Other treatments used to make up eyelashes look long was the use of pomade and washing with a mixture of walnut leaves and water. In 1882, it was reported in the news that people in Paris began to sew hair to eyelids to create false eyelashes. This painful precursor of modern eyelash spread was also reported in Scotland in 1899.

The 20th Century

In 1902, the name of fashion hair and inventor method Karl Nessler patent method in Britain to weave false eyelashes and eyebrows and by1903, the sales of artificial eyelashes life began in London. In the United States, false eyelashes patented by the Canadian Anna Taylor made in 1911. However, like many things, it is a popular culture, leading to the more widespread use of eyelash extension. In 1916, it was the intolerance film of the director DW Griffith who wanted the actress Seena Owen to have long lashes so eyes could stand out. He used artificial eyelashes made by a fine mesh weave of a human hair.The history of eyelash extension in UAE

As false eyelashes technology improved, it became very popular with the general public in 1930 and again in 1960. The false eyelash fringe base has given way more advanced designs such as flares or cluster lashes groups that have been used to thicken lashes of a specific area. Style in 1960 was impetuous and bold with a bit too much to the overall style of the time.

The 21st Century

By the twenty-first century, companies started using more advanced methods. Unlike false eyelashes, modern eyelash extensions are more accurate. It is said that it has been developed either in Japan and Korea since 2000 (based on the closure of the old technology) these methods attained widespread use in 2004.It is believed that a wide range of celebrities and famous movie star used eyelash extension only to have the preferred popularity. Modern eyelash extensions include a single hair glue with medical grade adhesive to existing eyelash. These eyelash extensions are available in many different styles, colors, and materials. Materials include synthetic silk, human hair, Siberian mink fur, and polyester. Modern eyelashes are lighter, more comfortable and better than the old methods that have been seen in the past.

  • As you can see the extended eyelashes have an interesting history. It is an ever-improving technology.
  • The old method used a very primitive design, to the most effective eyelashes, but still, a little fake looking from the sixties to light and elegant eyelashes of the twenty-first century.
  • This part of the fashion industry is very important part of the continuous development and popularization.

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