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Beauty extend in DubaiEveryone is looking for ways to get lashes as large and long as possible, and this has become a trend - walking with thick eyebrows. Great if you already have them, but what if not? If customers want to pack their eyebrows and eyelashes and make them appear fuller and thicker then may be the product you are looking for is an extension. In this category, you will find different extensions that can improve the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows, and help you achieve their maximum length and thickness.

Wholesale Eyelash, Eyebrow, and Hair Extensions

Find all types and quality for eyelashes and eyebrows in the wholesale section for wholesale trade in the category of Products. Please contact our dealer salon, if you have any questions.

Wholesale Eyelash Treatment

Longer, thicker and bulkier lashes, the better. Long eyelashes give people look fresh and youthful look and can make your eyes look more beautiful. Having eyelash extension can give you the denser eyelash, leaving you more complete and more dynamic looking. Note that these eyelashes attached to the skin do not last forever; as some customers still believe. Eyelashes grow and fall, then increase again. This is just a natural process and the extension will not change that. What can change is the health of the eyelashes. Extensions are longer and thicker and are easily affordable. Also if used regularly, eyelash Conditioner prevents the lashes looking short, fine and rare. If customers use an eyelash conditioner on a daily basis then serumis easily absorbed by the roots, quickly delivering the conditioning ingredients while helping to moisturize the skin.

Beauty extend in UAEWholesale Eyebrow Treatment

Thick eyebrows are trendy these days, but what if you only have a few fine lines of hair on your eyebrows? Eyebrow extensions can help customers take full advantage of their eyebrows. Similar to the eyelash extensions, the extended eyebrow hair provides greater elongation, clarity and the color. The eyelash extension is designed with medical grade adhesives to connect to existing hair and skin.

Give yourself a full look and ready to show your inner and outer beauty. Our products cover the whole range of personal care, eyebrows, and eyelashes at wholesale rates. All products offer wholesale discounts.

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The leading eyelash and eyebrow extender that uses only the latest techniques!

Beauty Extend Eyelash/brow Extensions is an online wholesaler for all products needed for their necessary eyelash or eyebrow extensions, which increases the volume and length of natural eyelashes/brows. We offer you the best quality products and services which can be availed in your comfortable zone which is your home.

  • Semi-permanent eyelash extensions of one by one technique, Eyelash Volume Technique, 2Go eyelashes method and of course all the latest techniques for applying for brow extensions.
  • Eyelash extensions &eyebrow extensions are delivered worldwide
  • The highest quality lash and eyebrow products and eyelash extensions of 100% silky Mink fur and all other kinds
  • Professional eyelash and eyebrow extensions training in English as well in other languages
  • Whether you are new or want to learn to apply for brow extensions, you can check our training section for more details.